Web Web Promotion The Business Case for PPC


Even with excellent SEO, internet searchers could still miss you. That’s where Paid Search comes in to play. Paid Search, or Pay-per-click (PPC), is demonstrably the most effective spend of any marketing dollar. Consider this lesson part of how your customers find you.

What You'll Learn With Us Web Web Promotion:

  • Goal-setting and key performance indicators that must be in place in order to ensure ideal tactical planning and execution of a PPC strategy.
  • The VCCC strategic approach to PPC: Visibility, Creative, Continuity and Conversion.
  • How to develop a keyword position and bid strategy. Make your ads Visibile.
  • The art of writing compelling ads. The Creative is key.
  • How to make customers feel Continuity from Keyword to Ad to Landing page, and as a result, increase Conversion.
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