Web Web Promotion PPC Starter


Our PPC Starter course will give you the knowledge necessary to set up, monitor and maintain a successful campaign to promote your web site on the pay-per-click search engines and their network of partner sites.

Are you thinking about running an advertising campaign on the pay-per-click search engines? Want your site to appear in the “Sponsored Matches” at the top of the search results in Google, Bing or Yahoo? Not sure where to begin or what’s involved? Then our PPC Starter is for you!

Ensure your advertising campaign is designed for success from the very first impression.

What You Will Learn With Us Web Web Promotion:

  • Introduction to pay per click search engines.
  • How to open and set up an account in Google AdWords.
  • How to open and set up an account in Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture).
  • How to research and select appropriate keywords to target.
  • How to create powerful and effective text ads.
  • How to use ad geo-targeting effectively.
  • How to monitor your campaign and measure your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • How to export or download campaign performance reports.
  • An introduction to landing pages.
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