Web Web Promotion PPC Advanced

Take your knowledge of pay per click marketing to the next level.

Improve the Return on Investment of your paid search engine campaigns. Our PPC Advanced will give you the information necessary to maintain and improve a successful campaign promoting your web site on the pay per click search engines and their network of partner sites.

What You Will Learn With Us Web Web Promotion:

  • How to effectively use all the features of your Google AdWords account.
  • How to effectively use all the features of your Microsoft adCenter account.
  • How to streamline and tweak your target keyword list.
  • How to optimize your text ads for higher conversions.
  • How to target specific geographic and demographic markets via your campaigns.
  • How to create and test successful landing pages on your site for more conversions.
  • How to use tracking URLs within your campaign.
  • How to continuously monitor your ROI (Return on Investment) and tweak your ad campaign to increase it.
  • How to use bid management software to automate your keyword bidding.
  • How to create customized campaign performance reports for clients or stakeholders.
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