Web Web Promotion How to Build Content to Improve Engagement


While marketers know that they need to understand their buyers and most have heard about buyers, many are confused about how to approach this initiative. The guidance about what’s included in actionable buyers and where to begin or how to build them is often misleading or simply missing.

Discover a practical way to get to the truth about your buyers, and how just a few insights result in persuasive marketing content and campaigns. You’ll understand exactly what’s included in actionable buyer personas and how to avoid spending time and money on data you don’t need and can’t use.

What You'll Learn With Us Web Web Promotion:

  • Three rules for marketing content and campaigns that persuade buyers.
  • The 5 things you need to know about your buyer, and 1 simple way to get to the truth.
  • Why no one in your company knows your buyer well enough to help you.
  • When to begin building buyer personas and how to avoid too many.
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