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Developing specialized, visual content for your audience.

A digital asset is a piece of content - textual, graphical, or otherwise - with the potential to be distributed across various types of media such as social platforms, blogs and other websites.

Our infographics are developed to complement your goals as a company and are geared towards individuals who are interested in those topics and could become ideal customers. On top of aiming for these demographics, we carefully craft our digital assets to appeal to as large of an audience as possible to give the asset the greatest possible chance to spread.

An infographic is an ingenious combination of text and images, displayed in a visually engaging manner. It guides the eye of each reader as they absorb its information. Topics for infographics can range from interesting scientific data to a pop culture subject with a large cult following. This information may include statistics, quotations or other data that is relevant to the content of the asset.

Our Goals

Virality: Spreading the infographic to as wide of an audience as possible.

Link acquisition: These links typically go to not only the page where the infographic is published, but also to your home page.

Traffic: While promoting this infographic, one of our primary goals is to drive traffic to the infographic page and in turn to visit the rest of your website.

Brand recognition: Getting your infographic out there gets your name out there as well. Even better yet, your name will be getting out there in a positive and fun way that people will associate with your business.

The Promotional Summary

When the infographic promotional period comes to an end, a promotion summary is produced and provided to the client. A promotion summary is a detailed report of infographic performance such as websites where the infographic was featured, social media metrics, measurable views, and other noteworthy highlights.

We At Web Web Promotion Can Also Create

Videos: There is no better way to show off a product in action or connect with the user on a personal level than allowing them to watch a video. Videos can be used to address the customer directly, giving a visual face and audible voice to your brand.

Interactive Applications: Widgets and applications engage users through interactivity, allowing them to click on buttons, type values into fields and serving a unique experience. An application can be more conversion-focused, helping the user determine what product to purchase. They can also be for entertainment purposes such as a quiz to determine personality type.

Blogs & Newsworthy Content: Blogging is an integral part of online content marketing. Blog posts can give an expert perspective on industry trends and blog writers give a face to a company that users can relate to. Web Web Promotion can take complete control of your blog, or provide another name and voice that will gain Author Rank and represent your brand. Our posts are written by bloggers with familiarity of your industry. With a negotiable posting schedule, we will accommodate your needs.


"Thanks for sending the promotion report. It really seems this infographic got viral and that's fantastic news.. Thank you guys for your big efforts and results!" Roberto

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